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The visa process in Indonesia can be challenging. Our goal will be to make the visa application process as fast and convenient as possible for you. We will help you decide on the type of visa that is best suited for your visit to Indonesia. If you need to get to Bali or another island in Indonesia, we can manage your entire visa application process.

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Indonesia is one of the potential investment markets with competitive investment incentives, resource availability, and many other factors that attract investment both locally and internationally.
We will help you develop a plan for creating your own company in Indonesia and provide you with comprehensive business services.

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Tax and Accounting planning can be a daunting. Compliance with tax requirements is often a corporate problem due to the increased number of tax rules, stricter and more coordinated application of regulatory requirements by tax authorities, and staff restrictions. But with the help of our experienced advisors, it doesn’t have to be.

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    Copyright by Peak Solutions. All rights reserved.