Bali Airport To Use TSA Master Lock To Improve Security For Tourists

March 26, 2024by admin

Bali Airport is one of the busiest airports in South East Asia.

I Gusti Ngurah Rai International sees tens of thousands of passengers every day, all of whom are traveling to experience the Island of the Gods in one way or another.

Leaders at Bali airport are on a mission to ensure that safety and security standards remain world-class to help keep the island and travelers safe.

Airport officials have announced that starting on 15th March 2024, they will introduce the use of TSA master lock keys; however, they will only be usable for TSA-standard baggage.

Tourists looking to take advantage of this safety feature can check if they are using a TSA-approved lock by looking for the ‘Red Diamond’ and the ‘Travel Sentry Approved’ mark on the lock itself.

The TSA Lock is a globally recognized security system that gives travelers peace of mind by allowing them to lock their luggage for travel and allow security officials to inspect their luggage without causing damage to the lock or case.

This is a system first used by the Transport Security Administration of the United States of America.

The TSA Lock system is now used in airports across North America, Japan, New Zealand, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and more. As of the 15t March the system will be in use at Bali Airport too.

Bali Airport says, “Starting 15th March 2024, the use of Travel Sentry Approved (TSA) Master Lock will be implemented at #BaliAirport.”

“TSA Lock functions as a global security system that allows passengers to lock luggage while providing security authority and the ability to inspect it without breaking the suitcase’s security.”

The statement continues, “If there is a suitcase that is suspected of carrying items whose contents are not permitted to be carried on a flight, it will be opened by Airport Security personnel accompanied by an Airline Security Officer without the need for the passenger concerned to be present.”

Bali Airport concludes, “The entire process is carried out in accordance with the provisions and is well documented and only applies to suitcase owners with the TSA Standard logo.”

This security upgrade is a timely one. Just last week tourists were urged to keep a close eye on their belongings at Bali Airport after an online taxi driver was caught stealing a backpack from a new arrival.

Thankfully security operators and the police were able to track down the theft, who had only managed to escape around the corner from the domestic arrivals pick up area where he had taken the bag.

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PT PEAK SOLUTIONS GROUP. JL. Sunset Road No 99 D. Seminyak. Kuta. Badung. Bali