Dependent KITAS

Dependent KITAS


If you are in Indonesia accompanying a family member that has a KITAS, then this Dependent Visa is the visa for you. This visa is applicable for husbands/wives and children of a primary KITAS holder. Once you have this visa you will be able to open bank accounts, register a mobile phone and a host of other benefits afforded to official residents of Indonesia.

The Dependent KITAS does not allow the holder to work, however if you do decide to work at a later date, you can apply for an IMTA and earn an income. Please note that this shouldn’t be a full-time position and if you do get paid you will need to register a NPWP (Tax ID) and submit yearly Individual Tax Reports. If you need help with filing your tax, our team can help you out, contact us for further information.

Alternatively, if you do find a full time job, then you should apply for a Working KITAS and you can change your sponsor to your new employer. To find out more about the Working KITAS, click here. The length of the Dependent Visa will be linked with the terms on the primary KITAS, for example, if the primary KITAS is for one year, the Dependent KITAS will be for the same longevity.


First and foremost, without it, you won’t stay longer in Indonesia. Plus there are several additional perks when holding a KITAS. Often you get discounts in restaurants, or attraction parks (mainly in Jakarta or Bali). Hospitals also usually have lower price-lists for KITAS holders.

You need a KITAS to apply for your Indonesian driving license. If you want to enrol your kids into an international school, they also usually check whether the child has a KITAS or not.

In some cases, after holding a KITAS for five years, one could apply for a KITAP which allows you to stay for five years with unlimited extensions.

**The above information is deemed accurate at the time of publication but can change without notice. Please check with your embassy or agent.


  • Passport front page photo.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Address in Indonesia.
  • All scans must be in color.
  • The minimum passport validity period is 18 months.
  • Must have at least 4 blank pages on the passport.

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Copyright by Peak Solutions. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Peak Solutions. All rights reserved.