Indonesia Opens its Doors: Foreigners Can Now Own Property with Just a Passport

September 6, 2023by admin

In a significant move aimed at boosting foreign investment and stimulating the real estate market, Indonesia has recently relaxed its property ownership restrictions for foreigners. Today, foreigners can acquire property in the country without needing a specific visa permit, with only their passport required for the transaction.

President Joko Widodo, who announced the policy change, highlighted that the move is part of the government’s broader strategy to attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) and promote economic growth. “We believe that opening up our property market to foreigners will lead to increased investment, job creation, and economic development,” President Widodo stated during the announcement.

Foreign investors and expatriates welcome this development as it removes a significant barrier to property ownership in the archipelago nation. The change allows non-Indonesians to participate more freely in the local real estate market, fostering greater economic integration and opportunities for cross-border investment.

It is worth noting that while foreigners can now purchase property in Indonesia without a specific visa permit, certain safeguards have been put in place to ensure the policy benefits the nation’s economy. Foreigners will be subject to the exact property taxes and regulations as Indonesian citizens and must comply with zoning and land use regulations.

The Indonesian government’s decision to ease property ownership rules is expected to have
far-reaching effects on the real estate sector and the country’s economy. Previously, foreign
nationals faced several limitations when it came to purchasing property in Indonesia, including the requirement to hold a specific type of visa, often referred to as a “KITAS” (Limited Stay Permit) or a “KITAP” (Permanent Stay Permit). These requirements have now been eliminated

Understanding Types of Property available for foreign ownership in Indonesia
Indonesia’s property ownership laws for foreigners are unique and require a thorough understanding to navigate successfully. If you are a foreigner planning to own a property in Indonesia, seeing through the right property investment to make is most essential, therefore we list down the type of property you could purchase as a foreigner:
Hak Pakai (Right to Use)
The most common way foreigners own property in Indonesia is through a “Hak Pakai” or Right to Use title. This title grants the foreigner the right to use and exploit the property for residential or commercial purposes for a specific period, usually 30 years, and it can be extended for another 20 years for each agreement, with a total of 80 years. The Indonesian government governs this type of ownership and is generally considered the safest option for foreigners. To obtain a Hak Pakai title, foreigners must meet certain requirements, such as investing a minimum amount of money in the property or having a valid work permit. Additionally, it’s important to note that Hak Pakai properties must be built on land with a “Hak Milik” title (Right of Ownership) typically owned by an Indonesian.
Hak Guna Bangunan (Right to Build)
Another option for foreigners is the “Hak Guna Bangunan” or Right to Build title. This type of ownership allows foreigners to construct buildings on land owned by an Indonesian, typically for 30 years, with an option for two extensions of 20 years each. Hak Guna Bangunan can be particularly useful for those who wish to construct their property without investing in land ownership. This type of ownership is also subject to certain conditions, such as minimum investment requirements and the requirement to develop the land within a specified timeframe.
Leasehold Agreements
Leasehold agreements are another avenue for foreigners to have property rights in Indonesia. While they do not provide ownership per se, they allow individuals to lease land and properties for extended periods, often 25 to 70 years, with an option to renew. These agreements can be used for residential or commercial purposes, making them popular for investors and long-term residents.
Investment in Property through PT PMA
One common way foreigners invest in property in Indonesia is by establishing a Foreign-own company (PT PMA). The company can then purchase property and manage it. While this method allows for more significant control over the property, it also comes with certain requirements and regulations.
Marrying an Indonesian Citizen
Foreigners who marry Indonesian citizens can own property in their spouse’s name. While the Indonesian spouse legally owns the property, it can be considered a shared asset, and both spouses have equal rights to it during the marriage. However, consulting with legal professionals is crucial to ensure that property rights are protected during divorce or other unforeseen circumstances.
Indonesia’s property market has shown resilience and growth in recent years, and this new policy is expected to stimulate demand further. The government anticipates it will result in a positive ripple effect throughout the economy, from construction and property development to the service and hospitality sectors.

As the new property ownership rules take effect, Indonesia is highly assured that this recent policy change will attract a more diverse group of investors and residents, fostering economic growth and enhancing its reputation as a welcoming destination for international business and tourism.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is accurate as of the publication date. For the latest updates and specific requirements related to property ownership in Indonesia, individuals are advised to consult with legal experts and relevant authorities.

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