The Indonesian Single Entry Visa is No Longer Available Onshore

July 6, 2023by admin

Since July 2023, the Indonesian government has completely closed access to obtaining a single entry visa (B211) onshore via ( (an online application).

Single Entry Visa Onshore is one method for foreigners who are already in Indonesia to apply for a visa. This concept was created to help with the visa application process in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, allowing the Indonesian government to repress international traffic in and out of the country.

However, with the pandemic situation vastly improving, Indonesia’s immigration department has
decided to deactivate the online process for onshore visa applications.

This new regulation was issued through Surat Berita Nomor 19 2023 regarding the revocation of the previous regulation issued by the Minister of Law and Human Rights Nomor 34 2021 regarding the granted visas and residence permits during the Coronavirus period and the national economic recovery since 2019.

Regardless of the changes in visa regulations, the option to switch from B211A (visitor visa) to ITAS (Limited Stay Permit) will remain available. The visa onshore process existed before the pandemic and will continue to be an option for people who want to stay in Indonesia longer.

Additional changes to Indonesia visa regulations

As we approach the end of the pandemic, it is proposed that providing additional health requirements and documents such as vaccination certificates and health insurance will no longer be required for visa applications.

Is it still possible to extend Indonesian visas onshore?

Yes, but the application may require you to go through the traditional visa extension process before COVID-19. To extend your visa, you must go to the immigration office and fill out an application by hand.

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